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Pacific Shredder Pty Ltd exists to provide expert knowledge and deliver superior value products to our customers in the scrap metal recycling industry to ensure they operate at full potential, while creating a safe and rewarding workplace environment for our staff.

In this way, Pacific Shredder seeks to promote the interests of the following.

  • Clients. We can help our clients achieve success in the marketplace by providing products and services which can allow them to operate their facilities safely at maximum output with minimal downtime.

  • The community. Pacific Shredder is committed to utilising local suppliers where possible to stimulate the economic development of the community.

  • Our employees. A well-paid, motivated and independent staff is vital to the ongoing success of the company. In return, employees should expect to receive secure employment, to be continually improving their business and problem solving skills, to be encouraged to try new ideas, and to work in a safe and comfortable environment.


Pacific Shredder is the southern hemisphere's leading independent metal recycling consultancy and supply company.

Originally formed in 2005, Pacific Shredder's knowledge base, expertise and experience is unrivalled.

Having supplied every major shredding operation in Australia and New Zealand, as well as operations in South Africa, Asia and Europe and North America, we have the know-how to help your company operate safer, produce better quality product, and reduce your downtime.

We have state-of-the-art engineering and design facilities as well as a highly skilled fabrication workshop capable of heavy fabrications, suitable for the large scale builds required by the recycling industry.

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